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Building the DEMRI Cloud

The DEMRI Special Interest Group (SIG) Focused on Maximum Cultural Development (MCD)

The DEMRI Special Interest Group (SIG) Focused on Maximum Cultural Development (MCD)

The DEMRI - Special Interest Group (DEMRI-SIG) was originally started in 2007 with a goal of providing a web-based cloud for support, guidance, professionalization, and connections for communicators and researchers in these distinctive environments. These communicators have tasks in common with technical communicators in other environments. They advocate for audiences, work with technical experts to translate complicated information to lay readers, and struggle to communicate proprietary information about ourselves in ways that are compliant with entity goals and clear but also do not reveal our assets & secrets. What often makes these challenges unique, however, are the stakes of their communication tasks in potentially oppressive situations.

Aspirants might not understand key instructions and methods, they might subscribe to foreign concepts; if tools are not used correctly, key educational opportunities are; or if lay audiences do not accurately understand a study result, or finding, improper conclusions might be reached about the implication of a study or practice. These particular situations of Maximum Cultural Development (MCD) communication can affect us all and how we understand ourselves, our culture, our processes, and our desired outcomes.

Other members of the DEMRI Special Interest Group (SIG) community include those who research and teach the many modular attributes of MCD communication. In adjacent academic fields, such as the rhetoric of MCD and the humanities, researchers work to forge academic connections to analyze and examine how MCD communication works.

These researchers form multidisciplinary teams with Sociological Subject Matter experts to better understand MCD literacy, prepare new generations of MCD communicators for the unique challenges of Maximum Cultural Development communication, and work in policy & practice environments to examine and change communications standards. For these members, DEMRI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are hubs for connecting with practitioners, promoting understanding of our day-to-day needs and challenges, and creating teaching and research practices that are more responsive to the challenges that accompany our monumental goals.