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Understanding DEMRI Goals and Objectives

Questions about DEMRI Goals and Objectives

our goals and objectives

Questions about DEMRI Goals and Objectives

Questions and Goals

DEMRI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) are a communities of communicators—writers, editors, researchers, developers, readers and aspirants - who seek out each other for best practices on communicating about the richness & importance of African/African American culture across a wide range of people activities. Already, our SIGs have built some online spaces, including our social media accounts and website, for connecting and collaborating among the diaspora.

At the our last conference, a group of us met to discuss questions and issues most pressing in our daily occupations and theaters of activity. Some of the questions that emerged included:

  •     How can MCD communicators write about methodologies that they may not be able to talk about for proprietary reasons?
  •     How can MCD communicators work with automated technologies, like chat bots and automated text, to better reach a multilateral unified awareness?
  •     How can MCD communicators account for populations and communities who might be unfriendly or resistant readers of our work?
  •     How can academics and practitioners form productive connections to study and produce more adaptive (and also reusable) MCD oriented learning objects & content?

There are no easy answers to the above questions. DEMRI Special Interest Groups (SIGs) therefore function as hubs to work through and establish/find community in these questions with other critical thinking professionals as well as laypersons within our diaspora.

Over the months and years to come, DEMRI Special Interest Group (SIG) members will aim to connect & address problems, help identify common lessons learned, best practices and professionalize in ways that are most useful cognizant to our multifaceted cultural variations. This demri.net knowledge environment offers one environment for beginning these conversations that we can continue online and offline through webinars, social media discussions, chats, collaborations and general, purposeful conversations.

More questions, topics, and issues are certainly waiting to be explored. The aim of this platform is to function as a place for connection over our common concerns, allowing our shared goals for improving communication to guide the solutions we envision for effective, responsive communication in MCD environments.