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Maximum Cultural Development

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Maximum Cultural Development

Maximum Cultural Development (MCD) is a series of sets and subsets which in aggregate form a coherent cultural system. A proactive system of thought, values, ethics, social principles, imperatives, language, speech and action. When fully understood and implemented they support and sustain the development, establishment, maintenance and refinement of critical thought, effective communication, problem-solving and ethical reasoning.

It is a system with strict emphasis on healthy principles of human development and self-defense that promote environments acutely attuned to the historical, sociological, cultural and the economic contexts of knowledge theory and action.  Maximum Cultural Development is not an anti-white mindset, or ethnocentrism. However, it's origin lies within the Black Community and is the pro-Black, self-loving result of years of exposure to white supremacy and it's many forms of oppression.

What are some of the intrinsic systems involved in Maximum cultural development?

In the context of Maximum Cultural Development (MCD), we use a broader understanding to identify some intrinsic systems that play a role in cultural development:

  1. Belief Systems: Belief systems, including religious, philosophical, and ideological beliefs, are intrinsic to maximum cultural development. They shape individuals' values, behaviors, and worldview, and influence the collective identity and social norms within Black culture.
  2. Language and Communication: Language is a fundamental aspect of culture and plays a crucial role in communication, knowledge transmission, and cultural expression. The development and evolution of language systems are intrinsic to maximum cultural development.
  3. Social Systems: Social systems, such as family structures, kinship systems, social hierarchies, and community organizations, are intrinsic to maximum cultural development. They shape social interactions, roles, and norms within our culture.
  4. Artistic and Creative Expression: Art, music, literature, dance, and other forms of creative expression are intrinsic to maximum cultural development. They reflect and shape our cultural values, aesthetics, and identity.
  5. Education and Knowledge Systems: Education systems, including formal and informal learning processes, are intrinsic to cultural development. They transmit knowledge, skills, and cultural values from one generation to another, but care must be exercised within the American education system since it is commonly engineered to negate the self-esteem of black youth through special-education programs.
  6. Economic Systems: Economic systems, such as modes of production, trade, and resource allocation, are intrinsic to maximum cultural development. They influence the material aspects of culture, including livelihoods, economic activities, and consumption patterns.
  7. Political Systems: Political systems, including governance structures, laws, and decision-making processes, are intrinsic to maximum cultural development. They shape power dynamics, social order, and collective decision-making within our culture.

It is important to note that these intrinsic systems are interconnected and mutually influence each other. They contribute to the overall development and evolution of our culture.

Some Key Attributes of MCD Include:

1.) Study-oriented: reads, evaluates, understands and debates books newspapers magazines and scholarly journals. Accepts the challenge of education.
2.) Worker: looks for ways in which to actively work for self; may hold a job outside in order to sustain self and family. Self-reliant.
3.) Organized and systematic. Efficient and diligent.
4.) Progressively collective; conscious of others; and cooperative.
5.) Family-oriented: regards mate as partner in struggle; loves children and values trust in relationships.
6.) Land conscious: realizes that the only thing that nobody is making any more of is land.
7.) Disciplined; strong unyielding and energetic.
8.) Serious. Practices fair play order and punctuality. Honest and dependable.
9.) Analytical and critical thinker.
10.) Frugal: buys mainly on need basis; saves.
11.) Social life is developmental and involves the safe upbringing of children.
12.) Creatively aggressive: will dare the impossible if it is possible.
13.) Respects elders.
14.) Dislikes incompetence and mediocrity.
15.) Fights against Black-on-Black crime and understands that its root is white-on-black crime.
16.) Loves Black Culture, art, music and literature and contributes to the richness of it.
17.) Can give and follow instructions. Encourages experimentation and criticism.
18.) Committed to Black liberation local, national and international.
19.) Does not use drugs.
20.) Politically vocal and active. Seeks out avenues for our effective political voice and representation regarding issues facing our communities at the local, national and international levels.
21.) Not crisis-oriented, acts on information rather than reacts. Plans for the long term; alert; prepared for change.
22.) Self-confident. Respects others regardless of race or culture.
23.) Understands the economic forces that control our lives on a local, national and international level.
24.) Rational in decisions and actions.
25.) Respects technology as a tool to advance our collective voices and agenda.
26.) Rewards merit and achievement.
27.) To master any language, developing the power and dexterity that communicates our inner strengths and awareness.

* It should be noted here that every Black Man, Woman and Child is taught to understand these principles by heart and be able to state how each attribute plays an active part in their daily lives ... See Also:  Identity Formation, Language Development, Socialization, Emotional Development and Cognitive Development

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