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"Many years ago, one boy with a dream of becoming a great warrior is abducted with his sister and taken to a land far away from home. Thrown into a world where greed and injustice rule all, Bilal finds the courage to raise his voice and make a change. Inspired by true events, this is a story of a real hero who earned his remembrance in time and history."

United States, 26 minutes, Rated PG-13
"This is a story about unconventional love. Love Boom Bap is about how we challenge our mental and emotional capacity. A story about navigating the boundaries of the heart, through the artistic paradigms of music, poetry and dance...

Nigeria, 54 minutes, Rated PG-13
"Set and shot on location in Lagos, Cape Town and Zanzibar, the Nollywood film tells the story of a woman who has divorced her husband in Lagos and decided to travel to some parts of the world for self-discovery."