What The DEMRI Thinks About The Current Israel-Palestine Conflict?

An Indictment of the Current (Zionist) State of Israel and Its Proponents: The death toll in Palestine has now passed 34,500 with more than 63,740 people wounded, including women, and innocent children and other noncombatants – more than the 9/11 attack.  

Israel is has officially validated itself a terrorist state.

When elaborate systems are developed, established, maintained, and refined in the name of administering a system of government, justice and/or democracy, that is potentially a good thing.

However, If violations of international law, human rights, injustice, the use of military grade weapons on civilian populations (innocent women, children and families), oppression, Apartheid, in addition to Geneva Convention violations, illegal detainments  and/or other illegalities occurs within that system with impunity, going unchecked for decades; sustained by deliberate indifference, greed, collusion; codes of silence and strategic media misrepresentations and disinformation, then those systems are corrupt and are nothing but sophisticated systems of  highly organized criminality. 

Anyone within these systems who knowingly perpetrates any of the aforementioned or contributes financially to such acts, remains silent in order to defend such systems, or does nothing to rectify the wrongdoing (criminality) in such systems are just as guilty as the persons who commits the acts themselves.

Benjamin Netanyahu election to Prime Minister of Israel was an obvious mistake and should have never been allowed to occur with so many valid premises indicating his true lawless and inhumane nature.

U.S. President Joe Biden also has publicly and blatantly violated the trust of his global constituency by both financially & materially backing Israels current military aggression against the people of Palestine.

By him speaking out firmly in favor of any and all aggressions against Palestine, including all the related criminal activities he consciously promotes and inculcates them directly from the seat of the U.S. Presidency through his speech and military aid, his actions, or inactions by doing nothing to seek unilateral peace in the region for all parties involved in the conflict!

He is then guilty of any applicable, germane war crimes along with anyone who aids him, or fosters and/or supports his activities due to Israels decades old apartheid. He makes America a geo-political paraigm worthy of extreme scrutiny and should never again be permitted to hold any public office in the USA because his political campaign rhetoric is the equivalent of Zionist radicalization events that fuel even more illegal domestic and/or foreign terrorism by Zionist extremists and/or other germane groups.

There is only one issue here. Palestine has the original rights to exist in the region and self-determination according to The Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Stop the #Gazagenocide & #FreePalestine ...